The company's latest offering for the security market, the Sash Secure 240 is designed to prevent the opportunist criminal from gaining access or slow the determined attacker. A traditional-design wooden security window, the Sash Secure 240 has passed testing to rating SR2 of LPS 1175 and features a glazing unit conforming to LPS 1270 level BR2, rendering it resistant to a bullet from a 9mm handgun at close range. Its innovative security features are designed to give the occupants time to raise the alarm, escape through an alternative exit or reach a panic room.

Sash secure 240

Bespoke design

The Sash Secure 240's innovative design incorporates a number of security features which prevent the opportunist criminal from gaining entry and to slow down the determined attacker, allowing occupiers time to react.

Sash Security Ltd is the security arm of Sash Window Conservation, a company dedicated to the conservation of wooden windows, whilst bringing them up to the modern standards of thermal efficiency and comfort.

Peace of mind

The Leader in Traditional SASH security windows

The company's latest offering for the security window market, the Sash Secure 240 is aimed at applications in period buildings and is designed to meet the aesthetic standards of the most demanding local authorities.